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English-speaking vangers are welcome! Online games schedule, rules, FAQ, troubleshooting, etc.

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RULES :: Read carefully before posting!

Сообщение [W]DaRK ALeX » Пт янв 05, 2007 9:50 pm

Welcome to Vangers Community's International Forum!

It has been created in order to unite all English-speaking fans of Vangers universe all over the world into one strong, developing community. So, at the moment it is the one forum for you to ask questions, to help each other and just talk.

* * *

Please read the rules of this forum before posting.
Your registration here means that you are agree to the terms below:

1. NO spamming.

2. You are NOT allowed to post potentially offensive or illegal material. This also means that you are NOT allowed to post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws. Also see rule 1.

3. Official language of this forum is ENGLISH. Other languages have to be translated.
Special note to Russian members: NO any sign of Russian text here!

4. Be respectful to each other. Don't make any threads or posts intended to be hurtful to another member.

5. Useless threads/posts that do little to contribute to the discussion are NOT welcome. See rule 6.

6. If you are new to this forum and you have some questions to ask, you should first check out the Getting Started thread. It contains all basic information about where to get the game and how to start playing online on our server. After that, you may also want to read our FAQ which provides more detailed data about the game.

7. According to rule 6, try looking through pinned topics like Getting Started or FAQ and other existing threads before asking a question in a new one.

* * *

Besides that, there are general rules which are considered to represent common ethics of using any forum in the Internet. They are:

a) no double posting,
b) do not bump very old threads,
c) break down large posts into paragraphs,
d) do not quote someone else's replies unnecessarily,
e) do not post in a thread just to say you don't care about the subject or discussion at hand,
f) do not make useless one-word replies such as 'heh', 'rofl', 'lol', and the like,
g) do not be a jerk,
h) do not create new threads addressing a specific person in order to communicate with them,
i) please try to spell properly, and do not post in ghetto talk, h4><0r lingo, ALLCAPS, or CrAZy CApS,
j) please do not exploit any forum bugs you may come across, but feel free to report them to the staff,

and so on.

* * *

Thank you for understanding.

Good luck and have fun here in our community! :wink:
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