English-speaking vangers are welcome! Online games schedule, rules, FAQ, troubleshooting, etc.

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Welcome to Vangers Community's International Forum! This is a simple FAQ that tries to answer the most common questions and educate you about some of the rules we have here. Here on this forum we discuss Vangers, appoint multiplayer games and just talk to each other.

Green vangers usually have a tough time when joining our community due to their lack of knowledge regarding the rules of our multiplayer games. This FAQ is a kind of extension of Getting Started thread, because it's more detailed, so it is easier to find specific information here. It is made available to you to provide you with the proper knowledge beforehand so that your entrance into the community is an enjoyable one!

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do! :wink:



Q: Where should I start?
A: Start by installing the game. Then play the single mode so as to recall all that you probably forgot. Read all pinned topics of this forum, feel free to ask questions in common threads if you didn't find answer anywhere else. Register with server (see below how to do it). Check out the Schedule thread to find out when the next online game will be, don't forget to visit it if you can. Play quick (informal) games with other vangers. Talk, play - in a few words, have fun!

Q: I don't have the game. Where can I get it?
A: At the moment I can provide you with official English version 1.3. Contact me via ICQ: 6384094 - then we'll find the way to upload Vangers to you.

Q: I have Vangers client, but it prompts me to insert the CD which was lost / broken. How to launch the game without CD?
A: Find ROAD.EXE file in the game's folder and create shortcut for it (if you don't have one). Then open shortcut's properties. In the "Object" field write to the right of road.exe the following parameter: /&^. If you understood me right, the whole line will be something like: D:\Games\Vangers\road.exe /&^ Click OK to save changes. Now you can use this shortcut to run the game without CD check.

Q: I have Vangers client, but it seems to be an old version. Where can I get the last official version of the game?
A: You can always get the last update at the official site.

Q: I have Vangers client, but it is an old ripped version, I can't even update it. What should I do?
A: Download the whole updated game from me. ICQ: 6384094.

Q: Are there any other patches I have to install before I can play online on this server?
A: As for the English version, no. At the moment you must have last official version.


Q: What is the main site of your community?
A: Our main site are the forums at http://forum.vangers.org: it's our home, the main place where we communicate with each other and appoint online games and competitions. It's Russian for the most part; the only international forum here is this, where you are reading this topic.

Q: Are there any other Vangers related sites?
A: There are several active resources in Russian, but no English ones.

Q: Do you have IRC channel?
A: Sure. Server is irc.wenet.ru, channel #vangers.


Q: What type of Internet connection do I need to play?
A: Nowadays, every available type is OK, even limited ones. Vangers is rather old game, so it consumes little traffic: about 1-2 Mb per hour of active playing. Connection speed of 28.8 kbit/s is more than enough.

Q: When is this server available for playing?
A: Server is online 24/7. However, if you are looking for people who can join you - contact them via ICQ or see who is in IRC channel. Generally, we appoint multiplayer games beforehand (see Schedule for upcoming events), but you can play at any time you want if you find partners. We call such games informal.

Q: How do I register with your server?
A: Just send private message containing your login and password to our admin and then he'll register you as soon as he'll be able. Remember, login and password can only consist of letters and/or numbers. No spaces allowed! You can also use brackets: for example, it is highly recommended to add (eng) postfix to your nick/login, so it will look like James(eng). This will allow everyone at the server to identify you as foreign English-speaking player; it is important because most of our players are Russians.

Q: How do I connect to your server?
A: Click "Multiplayer" button in main menu, then "Join Server", "Internet". Host name is: vangers.pp.ru. Server port is 2197 by default - our server has the same, so don't change it. Click OK and then you'll find yourself in games list menu.

Q: What types of games can I play online?
A: In original, there are three different types of games to choose from in the Multiplayer mode: Van-War, Mechosoma and Passembloss. You know, this is good but not enough, so during many years of playing some creative vangers invented new types of games based on original ones. For more information see Game Types thread.

Q: How do I join the game?
A: Just click its name in games list. After that you'll be prompted to enter you nick, password and choose your mechos color. Avoid using yellow one: we leave it for our Game Masters.

Q: How do I create the game?
A: Click "New Game on vangers.pp.ru" button in games list. After that you'll be prompted to enter you nick, password and choose your mechos color. Avoid using yellow one: we leave it for our Game Masters. Then you'll be prompted to enter the name of the game and choose its type. Last option will also let you to set up some game parameters, like amount of beebs at the beginning and so on. Click OK to confirm your settings and then click OK to create the game.

Q: What should I do after joining/creating the game?
A: After joining the game you'll find yourself in "Server Info" menu. It shows game name, game mode (click it to view current game parameters) and offers set of possible actions. You can view various results by clicking "Hall of Fame" or "Current Game" buttons, but they are inaccurate: our server gathers its own exact statistics. There is also "Player Setup" menu, where you can change the color of your mechos, and "Start!" button - by clicking it you'll immediately enter the game world. Usually you are not allowed to do it so early; first, click "Chat" button. You'll enter chat room where you can talk to other vangers.
In the upper part of the screen you can see "Mute all" and "Clear log" options. On the right there is team list (All, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green) and player list. Click on team name to write team-only message, or player's nick to write private message to him. Click "All" option to write messages to all. In the lower part of the screen you see text field with your nick - here you can type and send your own messages. Remember, message length is limited to the length of the text field.
Your next actions are dependent on chosen type of the game. See Game Types thread for detailed information.


Q: I can't see anything in games list, even "New Game on vangers.pp.ru" option. Why?
A: This is because of connection problem. Click "Back", then wait a bit and click OK to connect once again. If the problem persists, click "Back" again and wait for about 2 minutes. Then, if your third attempt to connect fails, this will mean that the server is down. If this happened during official event, exit the game and wait for GM's instructions. Otherwise just wait until the server will be restarted.

Q: I was playing online normally when suddenly the game froze. What happened?
A: Usually, this happens because of packet loss. Don't do anything; wait for 30-45 seconds until the synchronization between your client and the server will be restored, then the game will unfreeze. However, if after 1 minute it stays frozen, this will mean that you have lost connection to the server. This can happen if you accidentally disconnect from the Internet or the server goes down. In this case you will have to close the game via Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). Finally, such connection loss happen when you are kicked from the server, so avoid breaking the rules!

Q: I was playing normally when suddenly the game crashed with "xHandler Inform" error message. What happened?
A: This can happen sometimes because of some internal error, often unknown. Just restart the game. If this happened during the race, well, you're unlucky, but if there was no start yet, rejoin the game. In case your client will crash again, ask Game Master for help.

Q: My mechos sucessfully appeared on the other world after entering the passage but it can't move. What should I do?
A: Open and close chat screen. This will solve the problem.

Q: All mechoses suddenly disappeared! I can see only smoke and skid marks. What should I do?
A: Go to the nearest escave. Enter it, then go back into the world. This will solve the problem.

FAQ was last updated on Jan 23th 2007.
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