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Short explanatory dictionary for terms used in our multiplayer games.

- Game Master (GM). The vanger responsible for holding games on the server. GM has the right to appoint games and moderate them while playing. This include starting call-overs, kicking violators and providing basic support like explaining the rules.
- Official game. Game appointed beforehand in Schedule thread. It is held by GM.
- Informal game. Game that can be created and played at any time if there are enough interested vangers. It can be held by any registered player.
- Call-over. Event needed to mark the start of every multiplayer game on our server. When GM starts the call-over, there is message in chat prompting all users to say "z" if they are ready. After everyone does it, the game immediately starts and message "CTAPT !!!" appears in chat window.
- Start place. Some place on the surface of the world where vangers line up for the start and wait for call-over to begin the game.
- Round. Complete part of the game which usually has its own start, finish and the winner. Each round starts with call-over. After the end of the round nobody leaves the game but prepares for the next one.
- Checkpoint. This term is for Passembloss based games (see Game Types thread). A kind of flashing bubble which has the size comparable with the size of medium mechos. To pass through checkpoint move your mechos to its location (above or below - that doesn't matter).
- Ride. This term is for Mechosoma (see Game Types thread). Ride means completed cycle of delivering one set of items to all existing escaves on the world (e.g. 6 of 12 pieces of every type of item). Ride ends not at the moment you sell all items at the shop of the last escave, but at the moment you leave the escave after that.
- Rig-devices. These include CrotRig, CutteRig and CopteRig.

Abbreviations for certain game types.

- Pass. Passembloss.
- 2xC. Two-charge Passembloss.
- VW. Van-War.
- TVW. Team Van-War.
- KoTT. King of the Threall.
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