Linux (anything UNIX in fact) and Vangers

English-speaking vangers are welcome! Online games schedule, rules, FAQ, troubleshooting, etc.

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Linux (anything UNIX in fact) and Vangers

Сообщение [KoR]Voker57 » Пт июн 08, 2007 8:06 am

You can run Vangers on all POSIX systems where you can run wine!


1. Of course, working UNIX installation with
2. Vangers (yeah!).
3. Wine <= 0.9.36 (get it here)

NOTE: Wine >= 0.9.37 has broken Vangers support. We are working on this.

4. (optional) Accelerated OpenGL graphics driver for best performance.


1. If you are compiling wine from source, please note that you must have OpenGL and ALSA (preferrable) enabled. Maybe, you can play using OSS too, but it is glitchy and not recommended.
2. After wine is installed, install Vangers from your CD by mounting it and launching

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wine setup
from your cdrom directory. You can apply patches and install zMod as well.

NOTE: We have no feedback yet from English Vangers running on Linux, so inform us about your successes or failures.

3. Now run winecfg and set your sound output to ALSA and hardware acceleration to "Emulation" to avoid sound lags. You might also like to set up 800x600 virtual desktop for further convenience.
4. Run Vangers! Do it by typing from its dir:

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wine road
for original version, or

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wine zmod
for zMod.


Q: My Vangers do not launch, it just shows a black screen and fails to run!
A: Try using keys /skipintro or /m when launching zmod. Example:

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wine road /skipintro
Check our recommendations.

Q: Main menu do not redraw until hovered! There are no pictures between worlds!
A: That's normal.

Q: Sound is late by ~1sec.
A: Disable sound hardware acceleration.

Also have a look at wine AppDB Vangers entry.
If you succeed or fail to launch Vangers using this tutorial, report it there.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.