2007.06.21 (18:00 GMT)

English-speaking vangers are welcome! Online games schedule, rules, FAQ, troubleshooting, etc.

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Сообщение bjoreman » Сб июн 23, 2007 2:29 pm

Thanks everyone for a fun game on Thursday night! I had to leave a bit early, but it was still a great time, and I'll definitely be back again.

Despite what the FAQ says, I was able to see things typed in Russian just fine. Of course, I can't understand a single word of Russian (except possibly recognising Moscow when I see it written in cyrillic), but it's still good to see the characters show up right :-) ...

I had the game crash on me once, exactly the crash mentioned in the FAQ, but I think that's surprisingly stable for an old game running on Windows XP which in turn is running virtualised on a Mac. The only problem I had with my setup was that I needed to reassign the chat key since F9 to F12 are taken by system functions on OS X, and they get priority even when Windows is running.

So that's why I didn't reply to messages in-game during the race. Apologies if anyone got annoyed.

Otherwise all I need is some practise to get back into the swing of things. Even after not playing the game for years it was surprisingly easy to get some basic feel for the worlds back.

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Сообщение [W]DaRK ALeX » Сб июн 23, 2007 4:12 pm

Thanks a lot for your comment. :) I hope that game reports would become a nice tradition among all English-speaking vangers throughout the world. :wink: As they had become several years ago among Russian ones.

Your report is the first one, so you may be proud for that. :wink: Congratulations!

A lot of things have changed since the FAQ was written, and in particular, Russian font was added to the English version (although there is still no possibility to write in it). As I mentioned before, all new things will be described (and old ones will be updated) in July. Unfortunately, I have too little time to do it now, because at the moment I'm trying to avoid being sended down from my university (it's a long story of laziness, life errors, complete dislike of such cruel subject like technical drawing, busy lecturers, etc.) and my chances are small. However, in any case, I'll go on holiday in July and so will be able to make a huge update here.

Thanks again for your participating, you are welcome for the next online games! :wink: (hmm, I should go announce one in the schedule thread) It's also a good method to diversify the game experience, as ESRB says: it may change during online playing. :wink:
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