Won't show up for the game tonight (or the Alpha-fest)

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Won't show up for the game tonight (or the Alpha-fest)

Сообщение bjoreman » Пт авг 03, 2007 9:25 am

Hi friends,

I have to announce that I won't be joining the game tonight. Despite my intentions I didn't manage to join last night, so rather than keep everyone uncertain I want to say right away that you shouldn't count on me showing up tonight either.

And, on the same line, I will stay out of the Alpha-fest tournament too. I think it's better that it's planned without me. It feels bad to drop out, but I think it's better that I do it now so it won't hurt team mates than if I just didn't make it on the competition days.

There's nothing strange behind this, just a surprising amount of difficulty fitting Vangers nights into my schedule. Hopefully I will manage to change this eventually, but until then I won't make any promises about attending games. The risk of failing just seems too high.

All that said, I will of course show up for "normal" games if I can. But seeing how often other things have got in the way recently I just can't or won't make any promises.

So, while the situation is a little bit sad I think it's much better that I'm open about it rather than failing to show up repeatedly. And of course my offer to host a copy of the Vangers CD for download still stands. Anything I can do to help out the community I'm still interested in. It's just keeping appointed times that seems to be going badly :-) ...